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CustomerMatrix brings Artificial Intelligence to Customer Relation

CustomerMatrix is simply the best cognitive computing intelligence engine for customer relation, already in use at Fortune500 companies such as HSBC, AXA, DBS or Schneider Electric.


Its powerful, end-to-end technology enables your people interacting with customers to maximize retention, upselling and crosselling.


The company was awarded RedHerring Top 100 for North America in June 2015. A $10.5m financing led by HSBC ventures was annonced in Jan. 2016.

Apitic : une levée de fonds dans la digitalisation des points de vente https://t.co/uQZ54uBT8O


Découvrez Apitic, le dernier investissement de Newfund - en video :

Présentation d'APITIC et de sa suite logicielle 100% Full Web. www.apitic.com

Vannes. Diana Pet Food joue la carte du réseau social

Yummypets rejoint Diana Pet Food : bon vent pour cette nouvelle étape !

La société Diana Pet Food d’Elven (Morbihan), leader mondial des solutions à haute valeur ajoutée améliorant le bien être des chiens et chats accroît sa

Matinale CNEWS 06/07/2017 : Présentation de LUCIOLE

Les pistes pour améliorer l'efficacité énergétique.

À l'occasion de la matinale CNEWS du 06/07/2017, Natacha Hakwik (co-fondatrice de Eqinov et membre de LUCIOLE) présente les objectifs de LUCIOLE : L'union po...


July, 2017

Apitic is a smart Point Of Sale solution (cash management, loyalty programs, off and online sales, …) for restaurants and catering.


With Apitic, manage your shop or your franchise network without having to renew existing cash registers.


The company is located in Lannion (Britanny, France).

March, 2017

Climb Credit offers full tuition coverage. Decision is made on same day as application.


The company partners with school that deliver a proven ROI for their students.


Rates are fixed and range from 3% to 14.95%.


Climb Credit is based in New York City.



March, 2017

Founded in 2014, FlexyBeauty is an integrated SaaS solution dedicated to the well-being and spa vertical. The solution includes a cash register software, an integrated appointment manager, a dynamic timetable and a website/mobile app builder.


The solution is already used by more than 1.200 clients in France alone. 


The company is based in Paris.