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CustomerMatrix brings Artificial Intelligence to Customer Relation

CustomerMatrix is simply the best cognitive computing intelligence engine for customer relation, already in use at Fortune500 companies such as HSBC, AXA, DBS or Schneider Electric.


Its powerful, end-to-end technology enables your people interacting with customers to maximize retention, upselling and crosselling.


The company was awarded RedHerring Top 100 for North America in June 2015. A $10.5m financing led by HSBC ventures was annonced in Jan. 2016.

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REPORTAGE : Greenkub constructeur d'espaces à vivre

Tout savoir sur Greenkub, créateur de studios de jardin clés en main

Reportage sur Greenkub, numéro 1 en Europe de la construction d'extensions de maison et studios de jardin et interview de son PDG Alexandre Gioffredy.

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4 V-Road de la flotte V-Motech réunis par ses clients pour des missions en altitude.

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September, 2016

Stormize offers a SaaS tools allowing e-merchants to increase their sales by optimizing their merchandising.


The tools allows them to modify in real time the showcasing of the products in their stores based on algorithms tracking and processing visitors data such as their browsing pattern.


The company is based in Paris.

August, 2016

Happy Meal is an on-demand mobile based healthy Chinese lunch box delivery service targeting China’s college educated professionals.


Customers choose between a set of different meals which are delivered to their door, mainly office buildings, within 15 minutes.


The company operates in Shanghai.

August, 2016

OCR is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) offering pharmas & biotechs to test their drugs under developement on canine models either before moving to man or getting market approval for animal medication.


OCR has a top level multidisciplinary team driven by high ethical and Scientific standards.

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