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What if your CRM could think ?

CustomerMatrix is the first-ever cognitive computing intelligence engine for CRM.


Its powerful technology enables your people interacting with customers to maximize retention, upselling and crosselling.


The company was awarded RedHerring Top 100 for North America in June 2015.

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Medtech Innovative Surgical Technology

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Les capteurs du futur sont chez Nanolike

Jean-Jacques Bois et Samuel Behar se sont rencontrés sur les bancs de l'Insa (Institut national des sciences appliquées), département physique, d'où ils sont sortis diplômés. Ingénieurs en physique ils co-dirigent la start-up «Nanolike » (12 ...


July, 2015

1001Pharmacies is the french leading marketplace dedicated to healthcare products.


More than 900 sellers, including a large majority of pharmacies, sell 25.000 healthcare products on its marketplace.


In less than three years, 1001Pharmacies has converted 500.000 customers and gathers the widest catalogue of healthcare products.

April, 2015

V-Motech is the operator of V-Road, a truck equipped for motor testing (climate, altimetry) for 2-W vehicles.


It allows automakers to test their engines on site or in the mountains for real altitude testing.


V-Motech also has a consultancy branch dedicated to engine optimization.

March, 2015

Aircall makes phone support as easy as email or chat.


Aircall's app enables its clients to have a localized phone presence. The calls are distributed by the app across the team, using their existing devices, wherever they are.


The company is already active in 30 countries.

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